Reptile and Amphibian Rescue Network / RARN.ORG - Rescuing sick and injured reptiles and amphibians in greater Los Angeles, California

RARN wish list

RARN will accept any reptile related supplies and equipment. Here is a list of what we need most:

  • Reptile housing racks and "Critter Condo" type caging 
  • Helix type Thermostats 
  • Frozen or live feeders
  • Ceramic crock bowls
  • Towels and paper towels
  • Bedding / substrate
  • Snake hooks
  • UVB 5.0 & 10.0 bulbs
  • Medical supplies & Medication
  • Cash Donations

Items can be new or used. Used items should be in good condition. Nothing that is donated is ever thrown away. Every item donated will be put to good use. 

Please contact us for all donation and wish list information. Thank you for your support!


Donate via Paypal!


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